Newplayer bonuses, cashback on losses and other welcome offers

imagesThe very often offer for a new player is welcome bonuses which were created to attract or appeal to the general public. These bonuses are targeted at accidental or causal gamblers and not intended for more professional or serious players.

Slot players have a greater opportunity for such options than other gamblers.
Depositing bonuses are the rewards to the players who deposit their money for gambling on online casinos. This can save up to 15% with a bonus given for deposit. Occasionally to play online a person is required to make a minimum deposit or the bonus may be limited by some amount. So the player should be careful about this option to avoid any problems or misunderstandings.

The reward for the players can be made in the form of so called cashback on losses. This option offered by some casinos guarantees the certain percent of money back if their balance is zero.

The cashback may apply to primary deposits, which means that a gambler is credited with a % of cashback.2

Online casinos offer different percent of cashback so a player can search for most beneficial options.

Lots of online casinos give new players a great chance to attempt the casino risk-free. This involves the following benefits: if the first trial day of betting leads to overall loss, these online casinos credit the account of a new player with 100% of the initial deposit, up to a limited maximum.

3It is worth to investigate about possible rebates from different online casinos because it may help to save certain amount of money if you have a strategy for this. For instance, some of the online resources offer a % on weekly or daily losses, others return a certain amount on the bet made, etc. It is up to you what options to choose, but if you are a new player you may feel great with more possibilities given to you by online casinos.


Paroli gambling strategy

?The Paroli system or Paroli gambling strategy implies a positive progression and is effective for games of low risk and small wins.
Derived from the Latin “par”, the word Paroli means one that is equal. In its uncomplicated form, the system is arranged as doubling a bet after each win until three successive wins are attained. This approach to gambling has been effectively utilized since the 16thcentury, when gamblers used it as a rule for playing Italian card – Basset.
Nowadays the Paroli strategy is helpful in staking on roulette and baccarat, still people use it in other games having even odds bets, such as poker, craps, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, blackjack.
A gambler can bet four times and double stakes after each win. At the end of the ordained episode or at any loss, a gambler begins with the initial stakes.
Each Paroli progression closes with either a loss or three wins in succession. Experienced gamblers suggest considering wagering in groups of three bets with an eye to grasp the likely results.?1

This strategy is different from others due to the fact that it is not established in the size and quantity of bets. One has a chance to settle beforehand the size of the betting unit and the quantity of bets are set before taking off any winnings.
The basic principle of Paroly is in the view that wins and losses are apt to appear in periods. A gambler gets the possibility to obtain the benefit from winning periods and does not risk much during losses.

?2This system is regarded as very stable, not requiring a significant fund.
The Paroli strategy is a system grounded on complicated interest. The size of a bet is determined up front. The most popular in this system is to bet three times and to double the stake after each win. If any bet loses, or all 3 bets win, the sequence restarts.
The Paroli system is used by gamblers who do not want to risk much. It offers the possibility for small steady wins, without risking huge losses. One can test Paroli on Baccarat, Roulette and blackjack.

Get assistance at online support services of online casinos

help for gamblersSometimes online gamblers demand special support or assistance. They can easily get it at online support service per phone or live chat. The online support service is in the majority cases free of charge and a gambler can consult on any question arisen with skilled specially trained staff ready to answer any matter and assist in solving any problem.
It is common for online casinos to offer phone help and live chat. In addition, any gambler can learn special info available on the website.
There can be special help section or tips how to download casino software.
Internet provides tons of information on online gambling, so each player can use it as a source of knowledge and help.

Why first gambling with play money?

For the players who just start gambling it is always better to practice their skills with the help of play money which is provided by most online casinos. Having play money you can learn and earn your own experience in different online games. Besides, you will save honestly earned money and master your art of playing. play money
Try different games or become an expert gambler in one type of game, it is up to you. Still remember that learning will be more pleasant when you lose playing money, not real.
Some online casinos provide players with the possibility to play without registration for an account. It is very convenient to play with not true money.
The community of gamblers is constantly rising. The number of casinos is increasing as well. There are lots of people all over the globe having great desire to learn how to play online casino games. They practice free online games and only then bet real money.

Can I play online legally?

In many countries gambling is an illegal industry and is not allowed. In some countries this industry is very limited and a player is bound to go and play in certain places. In many countries special regions are designed for gambling industry, so a player experiences great inconveniences to spend more on travel and have other expenses. Internet gambling casinos offer great benefits to their players- a player only chooses an online casino and enjoys the process. Even if a player is in a country where online gambling is illegal he can choose an online casino that is located in the country where online gambling is legal and have fun with online slots machines or online poker. When you like to get your winnings you can apply your Visa, Master Card, or other convenient online method.

If you are still not certain about your local online gambling regulations you can verify it with the laws of your country before you start to play.

For the inhabitants of European countries it is necessary to make sure that the online casino they select is licensed in the EU or not.

If you are a gambler from the U.S. you should know that transactions to online playing are not allowed due to the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006). There are casinos that provide online gambling for U.S. players without fear of consequences. The games for such players are legal, but they cannot deposit money directly to an online casino.

Bridge game

Bridge is a card game using a conventional deck of 52 playing cards. The game is played by 4 players in two rival unions with pairs sitting opposite each other around a table. Bridge is a very popular game playing online, in clubs and homes.

Bridge is played in several deals with four stages: dealing the cards, bidding or auction, playing the hand, scoring the results. The first and the last stages are not as significant as bidding and playing the hand in the process of the game.

Pairs are self-defined or by a cut of the cards, the two highest cut playing against the two lowest. Cards are dealt in a clockwise direction one at a time and down from a dealer what remains, so that each player receives thirteen cards.

The dealer starts the bidding or auction. It goes round the table in a clockwise direction with each player declaring the bid. The goal of the bidding is to find out which pair will contract to get more tricks. The opposing pairs fight for the right to set up the contract for the deal, the winning pair is the declaring pair.

The main purpose of the game is to win the contest by getting more points than the opponent pair. So in short, bridge is based on whether or not the contract for each deal was made or defeated and by how many tricks.

All trick-taking games have similar rules of playing, still bridge has one extra feature – the hand of declarer’s partner is displayed face up on the table after the first card played to a trick has been made by the member of the defending pair.

Keno game

Keno is a game of chance, a lottery or bingo number game popular among gamblers all around the world. A common Keno game has simple rules using a circular glass enclosure called a “bubble” with 80 balls. Each ball is stamped with a number from 1 to 80. When the ball is pulled out a special person- a “caller” says the number of the ball. Traditionally 20 balls were used in each game. Nowadays the number of balls can vary. Before the game starts players make bets or wagers on the spots on the blank keno tickets from 1 to 80. Then the balls are drawn at random and the computer system calculates all stakes based on the numbers drawn.

Some keno gamblers suggest that the most resultative way to play keno is to place only 3 or 7 numbers in game. This allows a player to have more chances to win, but at the same time placing 15 or 20 numbers can win more money.

Remember that the more numbers have matched the more money a player will get. Try this old game with simple rules and you will have much fun!

Misconceptions surrounding slot machines

Slot machines use the most profound, latest computer technologies like no other type of gambling. The benefits of technologies bring slot machine games to the first place among most popular kind of games of chance. Computer technology allows a gambler to have a chance for extremely great jackpots. Besides, this technology creates lots of myths and misconceptions around slots.

The majority of the myths and misconceptions cannot bring any harm to a player however they can place him/her into a stressful situation and deprive of delight from playing. Here are most popular myths and interpretation of them:

1)    Someone has a jackpot on the slot you just played on, you could have had that jackpot yourself if you did not stop playing.
It is not true! All slots are designed to have a computer chip that operates the Random Number Generator (RNG). The generator always creates new number combinations even when the machine is not being played. These numbers match the stops on the wheel that show the winning or losing symbols that you observe when the reels stop. When the spin button is pushed, the generator selects the combination at that given time. It is just a matter of chance that you will push the button when the generator selects the combination of number winning jackpot.

2)    You can know the chances of winning by counting the symbols on each wheel. It is not true! The generator produces a number for each spin and the number matches with the symbols on the reel. There can be hundreds and thousands of stops on each wheel. If you play on a three reel machine each wheel may have 10 symbols. The chance of winning the jackpot will be 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 combinations or 1 in 1000. Actually the generator may produce 300 stops for each wheel which makes the chance 300 x 300 x 300 =27000000 combinations. The main goal of slots is to produce millions of combinations and provide large paybacks.

3)    Casinos can influence on the winning chances by simple manipulations on the slot machines. It is a misconception! The computer chip rates the pay back percentage. The manufacturers define these parameters on the computer chip. A casino is not able to alter the pay back simply because it cannot alter the chip data.

4)    The way of slot machine playing can depend on the temperature of the coins used for a game. It is not true! The slot machine cannot be influence by any temperature changes. It makes no difference if you use cold, hot, warm, old or new coins.

Play slot machines for fun

If gambling makes you happy, play! It is real fun and a great time to spend to play your favorite game which brings you pleasure and delight.

Many people think why some of us so often visit the casinos and play casino games. Simply because for most of the casino visitors it is a real entertainment. Though it is generally thought that slots are the worst way to waste money and time, people play them. Why? Most enthusiastic gamblers play slots because it makes them happy.
Practice has shown that slot machines bring the most profit to the casino. The gaming industry encourages the slot machines developers to create more and more sophisticated and interesting games. For the players it is a real challenge to try their luck in the games with high house edge.

When the technology allowed creating and producing the modern video slots with multi-lines and high jackpots, the slot game developers started to invent the games interest and grasping for the players.

The modern slot games are intended to entertain a mixed crowd of gamblers.
Gambling is all about recreation and amusement. The slot developers try to create games that will amuse the players and make them glad, so why not playing slots?!


Types of slot machines

The well known three-reel slot machines with one-pay-line have become the part of the past giving the way to modern many- reel slot machines with multiple pay lines. Most modern slot machines represent more sophisticated betting systems that can be sometimes difficult start playing especially to a new-comer.

The players often say that the most difficult type of slot machines is the pay-for-play slot. This type of game means that one coin pays only on determined items, for instance, black bars and oranges. A player should learn how to play beforehand to save his/her time and money.

Slot machines with three reels and three-pay lines have become extremely popular and typical for casinos. This type of machines provides a player with extra odds to line up the needed symbols, but the payouts for each blow are typically correspondingly smaller. Usually a single-pay-line machine may give out forty-five coins on a blow; a three-pay-line machine may pay only fifteen coins on a single blow.

Four or five-line machines represent a type of multiple-pay-line machines where winning item combinations can be framed diagonally and on the three horizontal pay lines